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New Division

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We at Pure Love Heals Ministries are proud to announce our new division focused on financial increase. As you may be aware, this ministry has relied strictly on donations for survival. We have never charged for our services. Due to the present economy, we, too, have had to look for other sources of income to continue in our mission. With that in mind, More Global Network has been founded. It's motto is Multiple Opportunities for Residual Earnings (MORE). We trust that you will look over what we have to offer and patronize us. Doing so will help you heal the various areas of your life and make you more financially healthy as well. It will also enable us to devote more time to the work of this ministry. A dedicated website is currently being developed. In the meantime, banners and links to some of our programs will be posted here from time to time as well as on the Affiliates Products page on our website. Thank you in advance for your assistance.



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