null's blog null's blog en-us Mon, 22 Jul 2024 09:01:38 UTC Mon, 22 Jul 2024 09:01:38 UTC Check this out! Here is our newest venture. Karen   2013-09-08 20:17:25 New Division We at Pure Love Heals Ministries are proud to announce our new division focused on financial increase. As you may be aware, this ministry has relied strictly on donations for survival. We have never charged for our services. Due to the present economy, we, too, have had to look for other sources of income to continue in our mission. With that in mind, More Global Network has been founded. It's motto is Multiple Opportunities for Residual Earnings (MORE). We trust that you will look over what we have to offer and patronize us. Doing so will help you heal the various areas of your life and make you more financially healthy as well. It will also enable us to devote more time to the work of this ministry. A dedicated website is currently being developed. In the meantime, banners and links to some of our programs will be posted here from time to time as well as on the Affiliates Products page on our website. Thank you in advance for your assistance.   Karen 2013-09-08 20:10:49 Veganpalooza 2013 Veganpalooza 2013: Join Over 25 of the Most Influential Voices in Vegan Living.... Check Out Veganpalooza: 2013 Conscious Life World Summit!  2013-08-09 22:05:54 Frequencies I have long been interested in the role of vibrations or frequencies in healing. I recently stumbled upon a product line that is in alignment with this. Check this out! Try these frequencies for yourself! I'll be sharing more about this in the near future. Karen 2013-08-09 06:00:54 Welcome message Thank you for joining with me as I begin this new adventure into the world of blogging. It has long been in my heart and on my mind to share various insights that I have received over the years and I feel that a blog will be the best avenue for me to use for that purpose since I am not yet inclined to use other social media. I plan to use this blog to share links to spiritual and inspirational videos and other such materials that I feel embody the intent and spirit of Pure Love Heals Ministries. Previously I have shared these with friends through emails but I now feel that a blog will be a more efficient way to accomplish this. Be sure to sign up to receive these messages in your inbox when that feature becomes available in the very near future. That will ensure that you never miss any of these inspiring messages. I promise to keep these messages to a minimum and to not overload your inbox with unnecessary and/or inappropriate messages. So once again, I welcome you and I trust that you will enjoy what I share and that each message will lift your spirits and assist in healing your emotions so that each of us can heal and thus help heal the entire world.   Karen Stewart, wellness facilitator Pure Love Heals Ministries   2013-01-21 06:43:15