Healing the Planet by Healing Each Person's Emotions

While listening to a local talk radio program one day, I knew the time had come for me to come up with a plan to help Katrina survivors, combat veterans, our young people, all who are physically ill, and anyone else on Earth who needs to be healed emotionally. That particular show was about a local high school principal who was suspended for saying some inappropriate things to a group of Latino students.

Many of the callers as well as the host felt that the principal should not have been suspended because the students were being unruly when she made her statements. Due to training that I have been getting from some of my teachers for many years, I knew that the true cause of why the students were being disruptive was not being addressed. My gut feeling was that the misbehavior was actually a cry for love and needed to be dealt with through emotional healing rather than other types of punishment. The principal needed more love too.

I think we could end violence in schools and in our communities and empty our jails and prisons if we would make this shift in consciousness in our society. Eventually crime would become a thing of the past and all of our lives would be transformed. Hearts would be healed and draconian laws could be abolished.

For many years I have studied holistic healing of the physical body but I neglected to deal with healing emotional issues that are the root causes of most, if not all, diseases. It wasn't until September of 2004 that I gave much thought to the idea that emotional traumas have to be cleared in order for a person to be truly healed. I did not fully appreciate the importance of this until March of 2006 when my long-time love died of cancer. I realized a week before he passed that I should have exerted more effort into assisting him to heal emotionally instead of just focusing on the physical. About 2 months later I witnessed someone else I know go through a dramatic downturn in his health due to some emotional issues caused by disharmony in his marriage. He went from looking like a normal healthy person when I saw him in March (a week before my other friend passed) to being in a semi-vegetative, wasting state when I saw him again less than 6 weeks later. These two experiences, plus the death of another friend who had a heart attack a few days before this writing, have convinced me that I must do this work.

Like many Americans and people all over the world, I was horrified by what happened after Hurricane Katrina. Because I have spent most of my life in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast, I was especially traumatized. In fact, I am still suffering from post traumatic stress disorder brought on by the aftermath of Katrina.

The many years that I have spent studying metaphysics, various religions, and spirituality have helped prepare me for this work. Even though I don't have any formal degrees specifically for this work, I have a bachelor's degree from Louisiana Tech University where I majored in medical technology, nearly 4 years of study at the Barbara King School of Ministry in Atlanta, Georgia where counseling courses were part of the required curriculum, and many certificates in holistic healing modalities from various other courses I have taken over the years. I took most of the courses necessary to become a Licensed Unity Teacher at Unity Church of Christianity in Houston, Texas. Also I have personally studied with Dr. Bernard Jensen, Jose Silva, and many more of the finest minds of our era over the last 25 years, and I have meditated for over 40 years. I was ordained by the Universal Life Church on January 25, 1995 and am continuing to study with other faith traditions at the present time. Although I was trained to be a Christian minister, I have studied many different religions and have found truth and good in all of them. Therefore, I feel that I have put in the time and effort and am well prepared for my current work. I feel I deserve a PhD in life by now. I have hesitated to step out before now because my mother told me many years ago that I needed to heal myself before making any attempts to assist others in their healing. So I have been working very hard on healing myself which is an ongoing process, but I feel that I am far along that path.

So here I am, just as I AM, just being me, and ready to help you become the best you that you can be. Love is the answer and healing your emotions is the path we will take to get you to a state of PURE LOVE.

With Love,

Wellness Facilitator

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