Healing the Planet by Healing Each Person's Emotions


The mission of Pure Love Heals Ministries is to assist people who have been traumatized by any means to be healed by learning to love and forgive themselves. In this way, the whole world can be raised to a higher state of consciousness because as each person is healed, each household, community, state, nation, and eventually the entire planet will be operating from a place of pure love and be healed. Thus violence will be eliminated and we all will be living in peaceful societies.


When everyone on Earth has enough to eat, safe adequate housing, and all of the other basic necessities of life easily available and accessible, they will tend to not feel the need to start wars with each other because they no longer will feel they have to fight to survive. This concept is outlined in the book Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield.

Historically, most of the indigenous people of the world have tended to be peaceful in disposition. There have been some warlike societies, but if this is investigated further, chances are that they have devolved to a less peaceful state due to changing conditions such as weather or mismanagement or lack of natural resources.


We would like for people to remember that each of us needs to leave as small a footprint upon the Earth as we can as we go through our lives, particularly in Western societies. Therefore we each should aim to pollute as little as possible, use earth-friendly products as often as we can, and to consume as little as possible. Even though oil, gold, diamonds, other minerals, trees, and many other natural resources are on and in the Earth, it does not mean that we have to take and take until these resources are all gone and nothing is left for future generations.

There have been a number of societies that have collapsed or even disappeared from the face of the Earth because the locally available natural resources were decimated. As we learn to love ourselves and the Earth, we will tend to become less greedy. But we must remember who we really are and be aware that the Earth is a living being and should not be abused.

When we reach a state of pure love, we intuitively know this. We will know within our hearts that when one is harmed, all are harmed. To remain in a state of pure love, we must strive to not knowingly harm any other living being, including the Earth which sustains us all as well as ourselves.

We also hope to see righteous, honest governments in place all over the world who will be willing to be good stewards of a healed population.

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